I've been doing a lot of junk yard shopping in Elroy, TX, just south of Austin. On Saturday 11/20/99, I took my camera to capture the remaining memories of the 12 or 13 or so Mavericks/Comets which will be crushed in addition to his other 3000 plus cars. Incidentally, there was a film crew there filming a scene in a movie entitled "Jet Burst". (Movie is coming out in April 2000.)

Below are some of my bigger purchases:

======================================================== ========================================================


There's got to be a Maverick or a Comet around here.

Here's one!

This is the other end of the rear clip.(ABOVE)

Seems like they stack cars a lot on Mavericks and Comets

Well at least this one is on top!

I think it's time to mow!

Yes, my daughter is pointing to a Green 1972 Maverick

Remember the olive green interiors? I got a perfect dash pad off of this one.

Have you ever seen a Maverick or Comet Speedometer with both Miles Per Hour and Kilometers Per Hour? I was going to buy it, but the yard worker messed it up!

MORE PICTURES COMING SOON--I've been out there 2 more times since, with tools and a camera!

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