I really didn't need another Maverick, but I couldn't pass this baby up!

I was out "Mavericking" near Maverick County, Texas
and came across this car. The girl just couldn't
believe her eyes when I drove up
in my '76 Maverick to look at her car.

This 4-Door is really clean! No Rust!
The interior is better than any '72 Maverick
I've ever seen without some restoration.
Unfortunately, though, it is damaged on the outside from a hailstorm!

The car has Factory V8, C4 Transmisson,
Power Steering, and Air Conditioning! Based on it's condition,
the 57,000 miles are most probably original!

I am now driving this car as a daily driver to and from work.

This page was last updated on Sept. 29, 2003